Welcome to Kirans Kitchen

  •   Authentic Indian curry bases

  •   Fresh healthy ingredients

  •   Cook at home

  •   Just add meat or vegetables

  •   Quick and easy

Kirans Kitchen prides itself in producing a low fat, easy to use curry base and is aimed at people who have busy lifestyles but are conscious of eating well.

Made from fresh ingredients the base is full of flavour and does not contain any additives or preservatives. Just add your meat or vegetables and enjoy an authentic Indian curry in around 30 minutes. Each batch is hand cooked ensuring quality results each time. Our bases are made with fresh ingredients and are available from butcher shops in Solihull and Shirley. Save time, loose weight and experience traditional Indian recipes within the comfort of your own home.

  •   Make a delicious curry
  •   Stews/casseroles/soups
  •   Bolognaise and chilli dishes
  •   Marinade for lamb/chicken/fish
  •   Pizza base sauce
  •   Spread on crusty white bread
  •   Cheese on toast; Indian style!

Where to find us

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